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Would you rather have root canal than negotiate with a used car salesman?

Are you scared by high-pressure salespeople or befuddled by technical salespeople? Do you feel salespeople have all the control and you have none? In this book, a very experienced salesman shares his tricks of the trade, so you can take back control — and feel confident when you go out to buy.

And he shows you step-by-step how to negotiate a great deal -

for you and your family.

Two other books in the Never Fear series will also be out soon:

Never Fear a Buying Decision Again!

Never Fear a Business Decision Again!

Want the book right now?

Only $29.95

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George Mavros
Here's what people are saying.

"Using George's strategies has saved me thousands of dollars in the last couple of years" - George Karanopoulos

"When I was buying my 4WD, I was prepared to pay $30,000 but George negotiated the price down to $27,000. So he saved me $3000" - Wendy McLennan

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“ this easy to read book can have you on equal footing with the sales person when you go buying things like a car or house, and that’s got to help get you a better deal” Barry Pierce

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